Cookie Policy for Corporate Websites

Please note that this Cookie Policy does not apply to our main service website and its related mobile application. Dailymotion main website has its own cookie policy that you may find here

1/ General information

Dailymotion takes your privacy seriously and wants to ensure that you obtain full transparency on the way your information is processed on our properties. 

This page contains information on how we, Dailymotion, use cookies, how we handle them and how you can adjust your settings regarding such cookies.

This Cookie Policy specifically relates to any cookies likely to be saved to your device, whether it be your computer, cell phone, tablet or smart TV, when visiting (i) the Dailymotion for Advertisers website, dedicated to our current or future advertising partners allowing them to reach their desired audiences, accessible at, (ii) the Dailymotion Careers website for job applications, accessible at, (iii) the Dailymotion for Publishers website for our content partners to manage, distribute and monetize their content, accessible at ; (iv) the Dailymotion for Enterprise website, for businesses interested in Dailymotion’s hosting and streaming video solution, accessible at; (v) the Dailymotion for Developers website, for developers notably wishing to explore our APIs, accessible at, (vi) the Dailymotion About website for press release and company-related information, accessible at; and/or (vii) the Dailymotion Legal website, accessible at for accessing our terms and conditions and company policies related to the Dailymotion Service   (each a “Corporate Website” and jointly referred to hereinafter as the “Corporate Websites”).

2/ What Are Cookies?

Our chief aim is to ensure that you receive a reliable, effective, and functional service when browsing on our Corporate Websites.

On occasion, services provided on the internet need to save certain information on your device (computer, cell phone, tablet, …) using small files called “cookies”.

Cookies are small text files set on your device when you visit a website. They are handled by your web browser and only the issuer of a cookie is likely to read and use the information it contains. If you access the same website using different browsers, you may have different cookies set on your device. The word “cookies” is commonly used to include similar technologies such as pixels, local storage or mobile IDs.

Cookies can be either set by Dailymotion directly (first-party cookies) or by third parties, such as our data processors (third-party cookies). Third party cookies are from a different domain than the one you are visiting and can be used for marketing or advertising purposes, as further described.

In some countries, certain cookies can only be set provided that you have received prior information and that you have given your consent to their deposit and use. These are called non-essential cookies. On the opposite, some cookies are deemed essential for ensuring the functioning of a website; they can be set by without your consent, but you should still be informed of their existence.

Some cookies are « session » cookies that only last for as long as the site is being visited, while other cookies can have a longer duration, which allow information from one visit to be memorized until the next one.

You will find below a detailed list of the cookies we use on our Corporate Websites, along with their purpose and duration.

Depending on the country you visit our Corporate Websites, you may have the opportunity to decide which cookies can be set on your device (except the essential cookies which do not require your consent) and manage your choices by accessing the Consent Management page, available on each of our Corporate Websites. Note that as cookies are linked to a specific browser on a specific device, your cookie settings are applicable only when you visit Corporate Websites using the same browser and device as the ones used when defining your cookie preferences. if you use different devices or different browsers to access our Corporate Websites you should set your cookies settings individually for each device/browser you use.

3/ What Are the Cookies Set on Our Corporate Websites Used For?

Dailymotion uses cookies on its Corporate Websites, either directly or via its service providers, for the following purposes:

You may find further information about the personal data collected by such cookies in our Privacy Policy.

4/ Cookies List

This Section 4 lists cookies that can be set on your device when you use the Corporate Websites. The actual cookies set on your device depend on your use of our Corporate Websites, and/or on the consent you have provided (for non-essential cookies only). Consequently, you may see only some of the listed cookies when checking the settings of your particular device.

The cookies are listed for each of the Corporate Websites (Sections 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3) and for the Video Player used therein (Section 4.4). 

These lists are updated from time to time to reflect the development of technologies used by Dailymotion. Therefore, we invite you to regularly consult them. Our Dailymotion Help Center remains available would you have any questions about cookies.

4.1 Cookies on the ”Dailymotion for Advertisers” and “Dailymotion for Publishers”  Corporate Websites

You may find here a chart listing the cookies that may be set by Dailymotion or by third parties acting on our behalf on the “Dailymotion for Advertisers” and “Dailymotion for Publishers” Corporate Websites. This chart includes both (i) Dailymotion’s essential cookies that are necessary for our Corporate Websites to function properly and/or to deliver you the services, features, tools or functionalities you specifically requested, and (ii) non-essential cookies that are subject to your prior consent, when legally required under applicable laws.  Please note that this chart does not include the cookies that may be set by our Video Player, as further listed under Section 4.4 of this Cookie Policy.

4.2 Cookies On the “Dailymotion Careers”, “Dailymotion About”, and ”Dailymotion for Developers” Corporate Websites

You may find here a chart listing the cookies that may be set by Dailymotion or by third parties acting on our behalf on the “Dailymotion Careers”, “Dailymotion About”, and ”Dailymotion for Developers” Corporate Websites. Please note that this chart does not include the cookies that may be set by our Video Player, as further listed under Section 4.4 of this Cookie Policy.

4.3 Cookies On the “Dailymotion for Enterprise” Corporate Website

You may find here a chart listing the cookies that may be set by Dailymotion or by third parties acting on our behalf on the ”Dailymotion for Enterprise” Corporate Website. Please note that this chart does not include the cookies that may be set by our Video Player, as further listed under Section 4.4 of this Cookie Policy.

4.4 Cookies Set through the Dailymotion Video Player

You may find here a chart listing the essential cookies that may be set by Dailymotion through the Dailymotion Video Player, when the latter is available within the Corporate Websites.

This chart only includes Dailymotion’s essential cookies.  It does not reference the non-essential cookies that may be set  by Dailymotion or by third parties through the Video Player, subject to your prior consent, when required under applicable laws, and depending on the actual ads watched through the Video Player.  

Note that third party cookies are not controlled by us. You may review, accept or refuse the use of such non-essential cookies following the instructions described in Section 5 below.

5/ Adjusting Your Cookie Settings

Depending on the country you visit our Corporate Websites from, you may set your cookie preferences using one or more of the procedures listed below.

5.1 Setting Cookie Preferences directly through the Corporate Websites

Depending on the country you visit our Corporate Websites from, you may be shown a so-called “cookie banner”  with “Accept All” or “Refuse All” buttons, and a “Personalize” option, redirecting to a “Consent Management” page allowing adjustment of your consent settings.

When you visit a Corporate Website for the first time, a cookie banner informs you of the use of cookies and provides a direct link to this Cookie Policy.  Depending on the country your visit our Corporate websites, certain choices maybe available to you.

By clicking the “Accept All” button within a cookie banner you confirm your acceptance of all cookies.

If you click on the “Refuse All” button the banner will disappear, and we will not set any non-essential cookies on your device. As a reminder, you cannot refuse essential cookies which are necessary for our Corporate Websites to operate, as mentioned above.

By clicking the “Personalize” button, you will be redirected to the Consent Management page which gives you the ability to disable all or part of the non-essential cookies. The Consent Management page is accessible at all times from the footer of the Corporate Websites and allows you to review or modify your consent settings at any time.

Please note that depending on the country you visit us from, the choices listed above might not be available to you. In such case, we advise you to use the procedures described in Sections 5.2 and 5.3. below to set your cookies preferences.

5.2 Setting Cookie Preferences through your Browser

All browsers offer configuration options to:

The configuration of each browser is different. We suggest you consult the help menu on your browser in order to personalize your browser’s cookie configuration.

Consenting to cookies through your browser is governed by user-defined settings for the user’s browsing software. If you have accepted cookies to be saved through your browser, they will be integrated into the pages and content you have viewed and may be temporarily stored in a dedicated location on your device. They will only be readable by their issuer.

Refusing cookies can be achieved through different options. Note that refusing certain cookies may impact the functioning of the service you wish to access on our Corporate Websites.

At any time, you may view the cookie management settings used by your browser and delete any cookies it has stored, which must be done one by one. To make your search easier, please find below a list of direct links for each of the main browsers in use:

You may also access this website for a very detailed step-by-step process on how to disable cookies from each of the main browsers, as listed above.

Similarly, the CNIL (French data protection authority) website allows you to learn more about cookies, and describes several options to set and delete the cookies stored on your device, at the following URL: (French only).

Note that configurations are different on your cell phone or tablet:

Finally, you may configure the browser on your device to send a code informing websites that you do not wish to be tracked. This option is often called “Do Not Track” and can be accessed at the following links for the main browsers listed below:

However, we draw your attention to the fact that we cannot guarantee that this choice will always be acted on by independent non-affiliated companies. Therefore, on its own, this option does not represent a solution for refusing all cookies.

5.3 Setting Cookie Choices through Professional Platforms

The website published by the European Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA), a group of advertising professionals, allows you to accept or refuse cookies used by companies registered with the site when you visit their services.

6/ Final Provisions

This  Cookie Policy is valid and effective as of July 26th, 2022.

By using Our Corporate Websites, you declare that you are familiar with this Cookie Policy and you understand it.

We may from time to time update this Cookie Policy so we recommend that you re-visit it regularly to learn of any such changes.

If You have any questions regarding the cookies we use, you can reach out to our DPO whose contact details are in our Privacy Policy, or through our Help Center.