Dailymotion’s Corporate Websites

As part of its core business as a content hosting platform, Dailymotion operates corporate websites, which are intended more for professionals in the advertising industry (advertisers, media agencies, etc.), software developers wishing to contribute to or use Dailymotion’s APIs, content creators interested in Dailymotion’s Partner Program, businesses interested in Dailymotion’s hosting and streaming video solution, and individuals who simply want to learn more about what we offer and what positions are vacant in our company.

All the Corporate websites, also called secondary sites, are accessible from the Dailymotion site but, because of the particularity of their audience, they are subject to distinct conditions of use that you can find here : Specific Conditions of Use for Corporate websites.

Regarding cookies and the processing of personal data on these secondary sites, specific terms and conditions apply, which can be found in our Privacy Policy and our Corporate Cookie Policy.

You will also find here the legal mentions related to the management of these corporate websites: Legal Notices of Corporate Websites.